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Celiac Hacks are helpful tips on living and thriving with Celiac Disease and gluten sensitivity.
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  • meandgfree 4 healthy gluten free fats every diet needs

4 Healthy Gluten-Free Fats Every Diet Needs

Fat is not bad. Let me rephrase that...The right kind of fat is not bad. In fact, the right kinds [...]

  • Vitamin-D Celiac Disease Connection- Me & Gfree meandgfree

7 Reasons Everyone With Celiac Disease Needs Vitamin D

For those of us living with celiac disease, vitamin D is a critical nutrient for our overall health and well-being. [...]

  • Ultimate Guide to Gluten-Free Food - Me & Gfree

The Ultimate Gluten-Free Diet Guide: Everything You Need To Know

The Ultimate Gluten-Free Diet Guide The Only Guide You Need For What to Eat & What to Avoid. If you’re [...]


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