16 Best Gluten-Free Restaurants Denver 2019

16 Best Gluten-Free Restaurants Denver 2019

Best Gluten-Free Restaurants Denver 2019

Denver is best known for its picturesque mountain views, having more annual hours of sunshine than both San Diego and Miami, and offering easy access to over 200 parks within the city and 14,000 acres of parks in nearby mountains. The best part, though…gluten-free locals, travelers and vacationers have plenty of delicious options for dining out. These are the best dedicated gluten-free and gluten-free friendly restaurants Denver has to offer. Hear straight from the chefs, owners, and management the specific steps they take to ensure a safe gluten-free dining experience and the delicious gluten-free dishes you’ll try and love.

Best Dedicated Gluten-Free

The best 100% dedicated gluten-free restaurants in Denver. Considered the gold standard for diners with Celiac Disease.

Just BE Kitchen

Me & Gfree Top Eats - Best Gluten-Free Restaurants – Denver - Just BE Store-web

Just BE Kitchen | Official

Just BE Kitchen, a wildly popular gluten-free safe haven in Denver serves up breakfast through dinner, and everything in between, in its 100% paleo, gluten, grain, and refined sugar-free kitchen. They are 99% dairy free and can accommodate most food allergies with their modular menu.

Owner Jennifer Peters says, “Our philosophy is that eating healthy should not be about lack and sacrifice. We’ve taken a ‘comfort food’ approach to our menu, which doesn’t scream ‘health food.’ We have burritos, burgers, biscuits & gravy, chicken pot pies – foods that ‘stick to your ribs’ and are satisfying and fulfilling. The whole point of our menu is to show that you do not have to ‘give up’ anything in order to eat amazing.”

me & gfree top eats - best gluten-free restaurant denver - just be kitchen - burrito

Just BE Kitchen | Official

And amazing you shall eat! Everything is made from scratch in house, including their most popular creation—The FULFILLED burrito. This isn’t just your regular burrito either. These are from scratch, almond-flour based tortillas hugging a blend of sweet potatoes, pasture-raised pork, eggs, cheddar “wiz” (a roast vegetable-based vegan cheese) and smothered in house made, no corn starch, veggie or pork green chili. Yes, please!

Me & Gfree Top Eats - Best Gluten-Free Restaurants – Denver - Just BE - Crave

Not in the mood for a burrito? Try The HUNGER—gluten, grain, dairy and nut-free biscuits and gravy. Dive into two cassava biscuits, your choice of mushroom or sausage gravy (coconut milk based), with grilled onion and crispy kale. You simply can’t go wrong with The CRAVE either—a 100% grass fed burger, served on an arrowroot flour bun, topped with house pickles, crispy slaw (carrot and celeriac) and baconaise…yes, baconaise…mayo made from bacon fat. Finish it all off with one of their many gluten-free desserts.

Also accommodates: paleo, dairy-free, nut-free, vegan, vegetarian, most food allergies

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Quiero Arepas

Certified Gluten-Free food truck and Avanti F & B food hall tenant, Quiero Arepas, is truly a Denver favorite with GF patrons. Owners and operators Igor and Beckie pride themselves on recreating a traditional Venezuelan dining experience with their mouthwatering, flavorful arepas. For those not familiar, arepas are a corn based flat “bread” made from scratch, formed into a patty that is grilled, baked, split open and stuffed with a variety of meats, vegetables, and cheeses. Trust me, they sound as good as they taste!

“Quiero Arepas® is committed to using produce that comes from local farmers, local and all natural meats, cheese from local cheese makers, supporting fellow small business owners and hiring local/independent labor. The entire menu is always 100% natural and certified gluten-free.”

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Aime’s Love

Me & Gfree Top Eats - Best Gluten-Free Restaurants – Denver - aime's-love-store

A short drive north of Denver will take you to Aime’s Love where you’ll be met by an extensive, 100% gluten-free, breakfast and lunch offering. From sandwiches, crepes, meat pies, and quiches to bagels, muffins, and scones—you can have it all!

Owners, Jennifer (gluten intolerant) and Morgan (a pastry chef), set out from the beginning to create an environment where those living a gluten-free lifestyle could relax while enjoying a comforting gf meal.

me & gfree top eats - best gluten-free restaurant - aime's love cinnamon rolls

Aime’s Love | Official

In addition to breakfast and lunch, you can partake in tasty treats galore. Jennifer says the cinnamon rolls are a must try. “It took us 1 ½ years to perfect this recipe and we regularly have non-gluten-free eaters coming in because they are simply the best they’ve ever had.” The lemon bar is another customer favorite, which has been called by many “the world’s best!”

You can also order a gluten-free wedding cake! Aime’s Love takes its amazing flavors, combined with the skills of a talented cake artist, and creates amazing gluten-free wedding cakes with over 13 flavors and 30 filling and frosting options.

Also accommodates: corn-free, dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free, sugar-free, vegan

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Five on Black

Me & Gfree Top Eats - Best Gluten-Free Restaurants – Denver -five-on-black-store

Five on Black | Official

Looking for something new? Something fun? Something that feels familiar, but isn’t? At its locations in Denver and Boulder, Five on Black is taking the titillating taste of Brazil and mixing it with a scintillating slice of carnival. It all comes together on a bowl of rice or greens with rotisserie meats and fresh sides and toppings—100% gluten-free.

Owner Tom Snyder says, “What we believe in is real food. Healthy, fresh, and gluten-free. What we serve is simple stuff put together in just the right way…It’s amazing, fast, delicious, and convenient food for our community.”

me & gfree top eats - best gluten-free restaurant denver - five on black - bowl

Five on Black | Official

Tom recommends starting with a base of brown rice and half crisp greens. Then add slow cooked rotisserie meat and coconut roasted sweet potatoes. He tops his with a spicy coconut sauce, a gluten- free Brazilian cheese bun, tomato and onion vinaigrette, chimichurri, and toasted cassava flower.

You can visit Five on Black for fast casual lunch and dinner with gluten-free drinks and desserts.

Also accommodates: dairy-free, egg-free, paleo, vegan, vegetarian

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Allergy-Free Baking Company

e & Gfree Top Eats - Best Gluten-Free Restaurants – Denver - allergy free baking company

Allergy Free Baking Company | Official

It’s not uncommon to have multiple food intolerances or allergies together, which can make dining out even more challenging. Fortunately, Allergy-Free Baking Company, has you covered.

Owner Nicole says their dedicated gluten-free and nut-free bakery is “one of the few places in the Denver Metro area where you can get breads, bagels, pizza crusts, cupcakes, cookies, muffins, donuts, turnovers, cinnamon rolls, crumb bars, bundt cakes, macaroons, brownies, scones, biscotti, and granola – all gluten and nut free, and mostly dairy, egg, corn, and soy free!”

As parents of a son with a serious nut allergy and another with celiac disease, Nicole and her husband understood the struggle to find food, particularly baked goods, for their sons to eat. After years of perfecting their recipes, they opened a storefront in 2017 to share their gift with the Denver community.

me & gfree top eats - best gluten-free restaurant denver allergy free baking company brownies, bagels, cinnamon rolls

Allergy Free Baking Company | Official

The bagels, fudge brownies, and cinnamon rolls are all customer favorites. The gluten-free (and vegan!) brownies are decadent, gooey and moist! And these cinnamon rolls…will change the way you look at weekend mornings forever. “It’s not uncommon for there to be a line on Saturday mornings waiting for these.” Go early because they may sell out within an hour.

Also accommodates: corn-free, dairy-free, egg-free, peanut-free, soy-free, tree nut-free, vegan

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Shine Restaurant & Potion Bar

Me & Gfree Top Eats - Best Gluten-Free Restaurants – Denver -shine - Street-View.jpg-web

Shine | Official

Just north of Denver in Boulder, Shine is a hub for amazing, locally sourced, non GMO, gluten-free food and craft cocktails. Everything is made from scratch in a 100% gluten-free kitchen.

This well-loved spot is owned by triplet sisters Jill, Jessica, and Jennifer Emich who have been in the restaurant business for 20 years. Jill says, “We are committed to a gluten-free kitchen and make all our breads, biscuits, rolls, pancakes, cookies and even doughnuts. For us, we do it in a way where you would never know anything was missing! It is a way of life for us and we enjoy nourishing our community from the inside out.”

me & gfree top eats - best gluten-free restaurant –

Shine | Official

Jill recommends trying either the pesto fettucine (when in season) or the 100% grass fed local beef burger, with the option to add cheddar, local bacon, or a fried egg, on a delicious house made bun.

Customers also love the dinner ravioli stuffed with mushrooms, ricotta, and mozzarella cheese; or for brunch, the eggs benedict on gf buttermilk biscuits with a creamy, basil “hollandaise” and crispy yams with roasted tomato and greens.

Also accommodates: dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free

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mmm…COFFEE! A Paleo Bistro

As the name implies, much more than just organic fair-trade espresso is served at this dedicated gluten-free facility in the heart of Denver. You’ll find everything you’d expect at a paleo bistro—organic vegetables, grass-fed and wild caught meats and seafoods, and naturally sweetened paleo desserts like cookies, brownies, and muffins.

Owners Derek and Jami Fynboh shared how “not only are we a 100% gluten-free environment, we are also 100% grain-free, soy-free, refined sugar-free, legume-free, and 100% delicious!” They opened shop in 2013 and have “enjoyed nourishing the masses ever since!”

me & gfree top eats - best gluten-free restaurant denver mmm...coffee paleo bistro soup

mmm…Coffee! | Official

Derek says their house soup, “creamy” chicken tomato, is a must try along with other soups of the day including zesty beef, ginger root, and kale chicken mushroom. Customers also love the quarter pound, bacon-wrapped dates—stuffed with organic chicken breast, slow roasted in paleo enchilada sauce, and wrapped in nitrate-free turkey bacon. It’s the perfect balance of smoky, sweet, and spicy.

Don’t forget to top that meal off with the honey sweetened, chocolate chunk punkin bar with house made chocolate chunks.

Also accommodates: coconut-free, dairy-free, egg-free, grain-free, legume-free, nut-free, soy-free, vegan

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The Gluten Escape

For an array of dedicated gluten-free, artisan-crafted goodies, The Gluten Escape is sure to delight. With over fifty items offered daily, you’ll have plenty of choices. Each day starts with fresh cinnamon rolls, donuts, scones, muffins, and bagels and transitions to fresh-baked sandwich loaves, flat breads, ciabatta, sandwiches and personal pizzas.

me & gfree top eats - best gluten-free restaurant – the gluten escape bagels

The Gluten Escape | Official

Owner, Kathy Letson says “It’s our job to spoil you!” and wants you to know there’s “something here for everyone.” She recommends trying two items that are available each day until sold out. The first is the bagel, which she says “took 7 months to develop a bagel which I would put my name on. It takes 36 hours to prep, form, boil, bake and top each bagel.” The second item is the hugely popular cinnamon roll filled with a streusel pocket of cinnamon goodness and finished with drizzled topping.

Me & Gfree Top Eats - Best Gluten-Free Restaurants – Denver the-gluten-escape brownies-web

The Gluten Escape | Official

Customers also love the award-winning brownies and the vanilla or chocolate cookie sandwiches with whipped vanilla filling—if you’ve been craving Oreos’s since you went gluten-free, this one’s for you! You can enjoy everything to-go or take a seat at one of their self-serve tables.

Also accommodates: dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free, paleo, peanut-free, preservative-free, soy-free, vegan

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Wave The Grain

“Gluten Free Baking That Doesn’t Taste Gluten Free.” No doubt, that’s what you’ll find at 100% gluten-free bakery, Wave The Grain. When it comes to a safe GF dining experience, owner Allyson says “my kitchen is 100% gluten free. Every ingredient, every surface, oven and utensil is free from any risk of cross contamination.” As for what you can expect to enjoy here? A wide variety of coffee Cake, rum cake, cinnamon rolls, quick breads, cookies, brownies, candy, sandwich bread, rolls, carrot cake and “just about anything you can dream up to special order.”

Also accommodates: dairy-free, vegan

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Holidaily Brewing Co.

Me & Gfree Top Eats - Best Gluten-Free Restaurants – Denver - Holidaily Brewing Co. Holidaily Brewing Co. | Official

Thought you said goodbye to beer (or at least one that you liked) when you went gluten-free? You may just find a new favorite here. Whether you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, Holidaily invites craft beer lovers to join them in celebrating life with a variety of gf craft beers in their taproom.

Owner Karen Hertz, a two-time cancer survivor whose treatment plan included a gluten-free diet, says “we use the finest locally sourced, malted, gluten-free grains as the base for our beers. We are the only dedicated, gluten-free brewing facility in the state of Colorado. That means not one gluten-containing ingredient enters our doors, so there is never a chance for cross contamination.”

me & gfree top eats - best gluten-free restaurant denver holidaily brewing co beer

Holidaily Brewing Co. | Official

Karen recommends their flagship brand, Favorite Blond Ale, a light ale with a subtle hop character and mellow malt flavor. Customer favorites include: the Buckwit Belgian, light with a mix of coriander and orange peel; Fat Randy’s IPA – an American style IPA with tropical fruit and citrus aromas; and, Riva stout which has rich flavors of coffee and dark chocolate.

All beers are tested to 5 parts per million or less. You can find four of Holidaily’s canned beers throughout the Denver metro.

Also accommodates: vegan

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Gluten Free Things

In a hurry and looking for grab and go gluten-free baked goods? Gluten Free things is a dedicated gluten-free, vegan bakery offering just that. There’s no sit down dining, or prepared meals, but you can pick up everything from gluten-free breads, cakes, and cookies to doughs, crusts, and baking mixes.

Owner John Irvin, says “Everything we produce is vegan, no nuts, no soy, no corn in our cookies and muffins, all non-gmo ingredients. We only use rice flour, tapioca, and potato starch in our products.”

me & gfree top eats - best gluten-free restaurant Denver gluten-free things bun

Gluten Free Things | Official | Hamburger Bun

The big customer draw? Gluten-free bread—the french loaf is perfect for grilled cheese sandwiches and the hamburger buns taste great and won’t fall apart with even the juiciest of burgers. You can also order online from anywhere in the lower 48.

Also accommodates: corn-free, dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free, paleo, soy-free, vegan, vegetarian

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Best Gluten-Free Friendly

Not dedicated gluten-free facilities but have taken steps to ensure a safer gluten-free dining experience.

Blue Bonnet Restaurant

Me & Gfree Top Eats - Best Gluten-Free Restaurants – Denver - blue-bonnet-restaurant

Blue Bonnet | Official

Whether it’s a quick lunch, a night out, or a meal after a game, Blue Bonnet on South Broadway is a Denver gem for authentic gluten-free Mexican food.

While not a dedicated gluten-free restaurant, management says “the Blue Bonnet staff has gone thru extensive training on handling and preparing safe gluten-free options. All gluten-free items are cooked in a special color gluten-free pan – not on the grill. All gluten free plates are prepared on dedicated equipment and served on colored plates. We have an extensive separate gf menu and separate gf tortilla chips. The gf tortilla chips are not fried in house – we purchase them separate as to not cross contaminate. No thickeners are used for our sauces at all…we all understand how difficult it can be to find a place to dine out that can truly accommodate and give lots of great options. We have over 22 gluten-free options on the menu and even two options for kids.”

It’s clear they take gluten-free seriously, and at no expense to amazing flavors and colorful dishes.

me & gfree top eats - best gluten-free restaurant –blue bonnet stuffed-poblano-peppers.jpg-web

Blue Bonnet | Official

The stuffed poblanos are a gluten-free favorite, roasted in house and stuffed with a variety of meats or veggies. Customers also love the chimichanga with grilled chicken or cubed steak, not deep fried, and served with corn tortillas. Looking to go a little lighter? The playa mango salad fits the bill with mixed greens, chili lime chicken, mango, red pepper, corn, black beans and cilantro.

Also accommodates: dairy-free, vegetarian

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Federal Bar & Grill

You may not think it’s possible for a “bar” to offer unbelievably satisfying gluten-free food. But they can…and Federal Bar & Grill does. When Nikki Mohaupt and her husband were diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2005, they wanted to create the feel of a local bar, with better than average food, and plenty of safe, gluten-free options for customers to enjoy.

Nikki says, “We take this very seriously and have trained our staff to take this seriously as well. All of our gf foods come on plates that let you know they are gf. We have a dedicated gluten-free fryer for our gf appetizers and fresh cut french fries. A dedicated gluten-free beer line and a dedicated cider line. If you have been craving burgers, fries, appetizers, and tap beer, you don’t want to miss us.”

me & gfree top eats - best gluten-free restaurant – denver - fed-bar-web-wings-and-nachos

Federal Bar | Official

“Truth is, we don’t have specifically gf dishes we have created.  We offer bar food. Gluten-free bar food.  And it is delicious.  All our sauces and dressings are gluten-free to avoid any mistakes in the kitchen (including our teriyaki).  Almost our entire menu can be made gf by substituting a gf bun or by using our gf batter in our dedicated gf fryer. We aren’t fancy, but we are delicious.”

Want to get even more excited about gluten-free bar food? These customer favorites will help: gf beer battered fish & chips with fresh cut french fries and homemade tartar sauce; Any and all of the burgers can be made gf; light and fluffy gf pancakes for brunch.

Also accommodates: most allergies

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Reelfish Fish & Chips

This locally owned fish and chippery, has a passion for serving up tasty gluten-free seafood dishes with fresh, sustainably sourced ingredients.

Owner Dan Wolfson says “When Reelfish opened in October of 2014, we actually had a separate gf menu, and a regular menu. We realized after a few months that there was a large portion of our customers who were gluten free, and we switched to an almost entirely gluten free menu.  The feedback we have gotten from the gluten free community has been amazing! We don’t use gluten in any of our fryers, and our staff is trained to avoid cross contamination between the few items in our kitchen that contain gluten, and the gluten free.”

The best part about the menu, aside from the number of gf options—the gluten-free batter. It took months for Dan and his team to craft a batter that delivered on both taste and texture. “Many of our customers who are not gluten free, say that it tastes just like regular fish and chips!”

me & gfree top eats - best gluten-free restaurant – reelfish - denver - fish-n-chips-basket.jpg-web

Reelfish | Official

Customer favorites include the lobster rolls, made daily from fresh Maine lobster (claw and knuckle meat) served on Udi’s gluten free bread; the haddock basket, with gf battered and fried Atlantic haddock served with American style chips; tender and flavorful clam strips, flown in fresh from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, lightly battered and fried.

Also accommodates: dairy-free, paleo, vegetarian

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Root Down

This farm fresh restaurant in the lower highlands neighborhood offers exciting American cuisine, with quality ingredients and plenty of options and safe dining for gluten-free guests. The focus—create a dining spot where all dietary needs are welcomed and accommodated, including vegetarian, vegan, raw and gluten free. Root Down does just that.

They have dedicated gf cooking surfaces, pans, and utensils as well as a dedicated gluten-free fryer. Just make sure to let your server know you are celiac or gluten sensitive so they can take extra care. Meals are prepared with humane and pasture-raised proteins, sustainable seafood, and locally sourced produce and ingredients—many of which come from Root Down’s own 4,000-square-foot garden in the middle of the city where 20% of its seasonal vegetables are grown.

me & gfree top eats - best gluten-free restaurant –denver - colombian-arepas---cheesy,-crispy,-vegetarian-and-available-at-happy-hour.jpg-web

Root Down | Facebook

A big hit for happy hour and dinner, gluten-free Colombian arepas—cheesy, crispy, corn cakes with mozzarella, poblano pistachio pesto, achiote crema and pico de gallo. For weeked brunch, feast on the mushroom and herb omelette with arugula, white cheddar, shallot jam and lime crema, or the Colorado lamb burger with bacon, sunny side egg, cheddar, and aioli on a gluten-free bun with sweet potato fries.

Be sure to stop in at their terminal C airport location on the way out of town.

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Lulu’s BBQ

For gluten sensitive patrons, this casual smoked meat barbecue joint in between Boulder and Denver has plenty to offer. Lulu’s management says that “all meats and all sauces are gluten free. As a protein heavy BBQ restaurant, the bulk of our main courses are gluten free. Although we have no dedicated prep area for gluten free orders, we have made every attempt to make as many of our dishes as possible gluten free without sacrificing flavor or quality.”

me & gfree top eats - best gluten-free restaurant – denver-lulu's-bbq-smoked-ribs-and-wings.jpg-web

Lulu’s BBQ | Facebook | @loveontable

Gluten-free customer favorites include the wings, slow smoked for 3-4 hours and seasoned with our signature wing dry rub, and ribs that are slow smoked for 5-7 hours and seasoned with a gluten-free house rub. Want a little crunch with your BBQ? The BBQ Nachos are house made corn chips, smothered with gluten-free cheese sauce, white cheddar cheese, onions, jalapeños, cilantro and your choice of meat.

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    Don’t forget Coquettes in Colorado Springs 100% gf kitchen!! Or Moontime Crepes food truck, now opening a small shop, they’ve got GF options that are delicious! And Debbies GF in Denver has donuts, real donuts!!

    All are amazing and offer amazing GF!

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    If you come to the Buffalo, NY area you have to stop at Kith & Kin Gluten Free Bakery and restaurant at 5850 South Transit Road, Lockport, NY 14094. 100% gluten free everything. You name it, they have it. Well worth the trip and you will not be disappointed in anything you order. You can eat in for breakfast, lunch and dinner Tuesday through Saturday or take whatever you like home to enjoy.

    • Kevin Ellis
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      I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things, Pauline! Can’t wait to visit.

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